Phil has emerged as a  very distinctive  independent singer songwriter and finger style guitarist on the acoustic scene.

His lyrical compositions interweave the personal mythology of landscape with human experience and tales of life

His music has a lilting Haunting quality, which has its roots in a love of the folk ballad tradition,yet Phils individual arrangements of traditional material have a contemporary edge

Since 1997 Phil has produced 5 CD albums featuring his Songs Narratives and Poems,

he has performed Professionally at many Festivals including Glastonbury and Greenbelt and in theatres,Arts Centres,Acoustic Music and folk Clubs He has been featured on regional TV ,BBC Radio Folk on Two Radio Bristol, Somerset Sound and Exeter radio,and CyBc Radio World Service

Some Reviews

"A Beautiful and delicate web of hypnotic guitar, he captivated the audience with his magical acoustic style how many guitarists today are capable of such elaborate guitar playing?

he makes it all seem so effortless"

Steve Harris

"The songs are in the romanitc, lyrical, almost troubadour style, sometimes brittle, sometimes smoky vocals,...if Messrs Renbourn or Jansch are looking for new material, then try The |River or Selkies Daughter some Fine Melodies".

Mike Cooper FOLK ROOTS

"Phils subtle mix of Irish, Scottish and English Balledeering is Authentic and warming"

Oxford Based Music Mag. NIGHTSHIFT

"Intricate and delicate"


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