Imaginary Constellations Series

This is an ongoing series of small oils on canvas 20x20 cms

the prequel being The Traveler  2009 and related works from previous explorations.

After many years working on a larger scale,

I felt the creative  pulse changing.

Now I have come to delight in this almost miniature way of working,

I love the Intensity and focused imagery

(resulting from improvisation and fluid beginnings)

that this way of Painting brings to me. 

When I am immersed

in this visionary craft

unexpected themes rise to meet me

an Art revealing visionary tales

at the start of an adventure

at a threshold

between personal

and trans-personal  realms

blissful, scary, ecstatic


Painting is a trance

Painting is a dance

Painting is a chance

to make the Old songs

become Birth songs again

The Traveler

Oil on Canvas

30x25 cm


The Traveler

three details

The Flute Player


The Pitcher

Star Creatures

Dark Earth Moma

Little Princess and attendants

Exile of Autumns Maiden

Return of Hare

Singing Bones

Voodoo Hat

Small Earth Tale

He holds her foot

in his hand

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