The Writer Oil on Canvas 20x20 cm 2014

Phil Bird MA

‘Oracles and Mirrors’

A mythic magical light shines vividly in the painterly canvases of Phil Bird’s latest series of Paintings

Drenched in a jewel like mysterious interior glow, these are paintings that have their origin “ deep within the labyrinthine caves of the human psyche” to quote Anna Georghiou .

Birds paintings invite the viewer to weave creative narratives from the exotic tableaus that he presents.

These are travellers’ tales brought back from the subterranean realms of Orpheus. They celebrate the power of our intuitive imagination, revealing worlds evoked from beyond the merely mundane and rational scenarios of our everyday lives. They are food for the soul.

These dramatic visual stories are full of light and dark themes. Phil hopes

You will unfold them in ways meaningful to yourselves. There are no right or wrong readings they are like oracles, and also like mirrors in which we can both loose and rediscover ourselves anew.  

Artist Statement :

I have always been fascinated by Archaic art-forms, fables , folk tales & myths of origin.

The deeply mysterious,wonderful and strange visionscapes of human mythopoetic imagination are revealed in different ways from culture to culture.

The continuously shifting vision of what it is to be human,and how we represent our experiences,fires my passion and need to paint and make music.

This visionary realm that we call art is a transfiguration of reality,its often specific to a culture and at other times crosses over from people to people,from time to time.

To those who have forgotten, I would like to say that the visionary realm, has much to show us concerning where we have come from and who we are, as a species ,biologically, culturally and spiritually.

To be a painter and Musician is to be practically involved with the materials and methods of the creative process,out of this raw stuff, we create metaphorical worlds of imagination.

Such worlds connect our everyday lives with vaster encompassing mythic narratives

Here themes that seem ancient and themes that seem contemporary are forever together at play.

Phil Bird 2015

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